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The essence of system culture, behavior culture and material culture. Four combination, make enterprise core culture. Enterprise core culture four elements contain enormous energy, cause thinking, strategy, action, and image forces, four force.


Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, is the mainstream concept of an enterprise and the mainstream behavior integrated performance. Construction of enterprise culture involves all aspects of the enterprise, the purpose of the spirit, from the enterprise business philosophy to the enterprise rules and regulations, material civilization, from the employee's code of conduct, image standard to the conditions of the enterprise environment, penetrates the cultural connotation of the enterprise. In the social progress and the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, has a distinct personality, condensing full, full build high quality enterprise culture in enterprise core competitiveness, is the driving force of enterprise sustained competitiveness.

The core competitiveness

Enterprise core competitiveness is refers to the enterprises in the long-term evolution in the process of cultivating and accumulation of, unique, melt into the essence of enterprise support form of competitive advantage of enterprises, make the enterprise can survive in the competition continues, stability and development of core competence. Core culture is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, because it accords with the three major characteristics of core competence.

Not easily imitative

Go through a long evolution process, after continuous temper to wash away gradually formed, and difficult to get through the market to trade or simply follow transplantation. Three elements are in accordance with the characteristics of core culture.

Stability and range of motion

Latitude with relative stability, can in time and space on the latitude, but from a product extension to another product, from the current business extended to the future career, general won't because the passage of time and changing nature. The core idea of the most stability and range of motion. The ductility of the brand image is the well-known enterprises to implement the strategy of brand expansion and extension of the foundation.

Customer value

The final judge of the customer is the enterprise core competitiveness, core competitiveness must provide the user with fundamental benefits or benefits. Core cultural power can bring high quality or enterprise unique product or service, thus has the customer value.
Humans are moving in the era of knowledge economy, increasingly large amounts of capital to form of knowledge and technology, the form of capital value is much bigger than machine in the form of physical capital value. And to win the core talents, it depends on the core culture. Excellent core culture is not only beneficial to attract external talent, but also to cultivate and mining enterprise internal talent. The core culture of outstanding value play provides unlimited space, is the foundation of enterprise innovation ability and profitability and the inexhaustible source.
Above all, let's see, startup culture, maybe don't like big companies can be written the book, even carved on the wall in the hall, but it exists in the invisible, exist in every person, every thing, every product, become "inner hidden rules", its core is "people". Small companies, start-up, their corporate culture although there is no one hundred deep enterprise culture, but they have their own unique corporate culture, the founder of the idea, will staff struggle personality, is the structure of the small business enterprise culture.